SmartCrystal Diamond Design by Volfoni in France


The Bright Choice for 3D Cinema has arrived

Video SmartCrystal Diamond

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Designed for your Needs!
The Smart Crystal™ Diamond has been designed with 3D movie exhibitors’ needs in mind: FLEXIBILITY, EFFICIENCY, COSTS


The Smart Crystal™ Diamond is the most flexible option for 3D cinema exhibitors as it comes without royalty fees and is license free. You simply own it.

Ultra-Hi Light Efficiency

Powered by the newly engineered Triple Beam Technology, the Smart Crystal™ Diamond gives your 3D movie an extremely bright and clear picture with a LEF* close to 30%.

* LEF = Light Efficency

Low Cost of ownership

The Smart Crystal™ Diamond gives you the fastest return on investment because of its low cost of ownership; you save money on your electricity usage and projector durability because of its world-class efficiency